Denise Griffitts is a woman of passion and integrity. I have worked with her on several projects and greatly admire her work ethic and the way she connects with her clients. She is generous and considerate and she inspires me to be a better coach and virtual assistant. Her knowledge of the Virtual Assistant Industry is unsurpassed. Not to mention she does amazing work! I’m thrilled to have someone of her caliber to refer my clients to when they are looking to switch to the WordPress platform – I know they will be treated well and their sites will be stunning and successful. Denise has been a mentor and confidant to me and I am so grateful she is part of my life. ~ Brenda Zeller, Myrtle Beach, SC

The question most often asked of me is, “Just what is a Virtual Assistant anyway?”

The short answer is, “We are passionate, professional. fearless, and talented entrepreneurs.” The long answer is, “Led by Virtual Assistance Industry Expert & Web Developer Denise Griffitts, we are a group of highly trained professionals from many areas of business disciplines.” We are online entrepreneurs in our own right who took those first steps down new roads armed with nothing more than our own vision. We are people who are enchanted with our own imagination and curiosity.

We possess an unbridled anticipation for learning and exploring and we are our own authority figures. Plunging into the unknown as we do almost daily requires a cast iron stomach and an intuitive ability to deal with the fog of uncertainty. We are often blissfully in ignorance of the most likely consequences of our actions (failure), since this is not an automatic through process for us. Everyday we work with business owners just like you who see business as creative, exciting and ever evolving. We are versatile, we are problem solvers and we are flexible, and we are delighted to put our skills and knowledge to work in your business.

Our Team

balloonWe have a very unique approach to business as we are a web development company married to a Virtual Assistance firm, and we also train and coach other virtual assistants. We are social media marketing experts, and quite frankly, do it all!

Our team is comprised of Web Developers, Bloggers, Online Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers, Software Engineers, Administrative Assistants, Copywriters and other business professionals.  We work almost exclusively with other online entrepreneurs whose energy and creativity are legend, and who have very specific and highly technical needs.

As Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers, we become “YOUR PARTNER IN SUCCESS™” by evaluating all aspects of your business and identifying those daily tasks that sap your time, energy and creativity. As we begin to manage those “time seepage” tasks, you have the opportunity to do what you do best. Run your business!

With the almost daily changes in Internet technology, it can be difficult to keep up with trends as new products and software enter the marketplace. We thrive on finding the latest and greatest Internet tools and sharing them to benefit our clients.

We become a strategic partner in helping you to build and grow your  online businesses while positioning you as  an expert in your niche by utilizing social media marketing.

How We Work With You

We are independent contractors, which means in its simplest form that we pay for our own taxes and insurance. When you partner with a Virtual Assistant, you pay for the hours that you use and nothing more.

In common with most of our clients, we are small business owners and work for you from our home-based offices. Each office is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and software. In fact, our offices are often better equipped than most small business offices!

Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant Industry Expert and Web Developer Denise Griffitts will be your constant point of contact. She will project manage all work done for your company so you don’t have to.

Talk to Us!

We are happy to offer you a free telephone consultation to assess your needs and answer all of your questions about this rapidly  evolving industry and the benefits that it offers you.

Please call us toll free at 888-719-6710 Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM CST. We look forward to hearing from you!